Server Virtualization Case in Intermediate Court

Sep. 20, 2017


As one of the most important law enforcement department, information security of City Intermediate Court is critical.

With the development of information requirement, add new applications for growing and centralized business, there are increasing demands for IT infrastructure.

Data center needs to provide more server resources. However, purchasing new servers and other equipment will increase the investment, and bring more manpower cost and cooling expenses, but server resources were not fully utilized.


Server virtualization can help IT administrator to extend application lifecycle and ensure a reliable application delivery process.

  1.  How to quickly deploy applications and its service on the existing infrastructure.

    In the past, deploying a new application needs additional server, but existing servers are not fully utilized.


2. Is the existing IT infrastructure convenient for future expansion and change?

3. Ensure applications high availability and continuity, not rely on human support for continuity.


4. How to release the current management workload? 


5. Information construction cost can see the return on investment or not.


OS-Easy Virtualization technology will integrate existing physical server resources in data center to be virtualized to multiple virtual machines (VM).

Each virtual machined eployed with different applications to improve server resource utilization rate;


It provides a centralized virtualization management platform, remotely maintain server, virtual machines, networks, storage in data center anytime.

Administrators can deploy applications remotely, real-time monitor application running, adjust resources if needed, and migrate virtual machines if there is server failure to ensure high-availability. 

server virutalization201612301458.png

Use server clusters, OS-Easy vServer virtualization software and shared storage, to integrate Trials ISIS, case inquiry system, digital CRIC system, Technology Court, document shielding system, document calibration system, HR management system into virtual machines. 

Configure server cluster to achieve centralized resource pool, unified storage, unified backup, centralized management.

Resource pool supports elastic expansion, easy maintenance and upgrades, it helps Municipal Court having efficiency, and cost-effective data center.


It provides an expandable hardware and software platform which can satisfy the 10 year’ information technology requirements for the Municipal Court.


Server virtualization system logic chart


Improve server hardware utilization

Integrate multi-servers to CPU, RAM, hard disk hardware resource pools on-demand provision to different virtual machines to run different applications, which can increase physical server utilization from 15% -35% to 65% -90%in average.


Reduce data center operation costs

Integrate vServer to reduce overall operational costs (server hardware cost, space costs, electricity costs, management costs in data center. The more servers and business applications running in data center, the more cost will be saved. Cost comparison analysis in the following as reference:

Compare ItemBefore VirtualizationAfter virtualization
Server amount

9 servers

Newly purchased 3 physical servers, virtualized to 30 virtual servers.
Hardware utilization

Average 35% of server utilization

Resources allocated on demand, server resource utilization increased to 80%
Application deployment speedWhen a new application needs to be installed, you need to purchase a new server, install operating system and applications, costs 3-5 days.Pre-established variety of operating systems, install application wizard costs half an hour to complete a new application
Business ContinuityServer hardware failure, data loss, downtime results in business interruptionOnline migrate virtual machines to different physical servers, no business interruption
MaintenanceInstall application, operating system, configure network, huge workload, need on-site maintenance, 1 administrator manages 10 servers.Remote data center management, no need on-site maintenance, 1 administrator manages 100 servers
Power consumption

General server (4 CPU) 650 watts * 24 * 30 = 468 kWh/month of about 250USD electricity fee

10 servers = 2500USD/year

Green energy, save floor space, reduce cabinet amount

3 sets = 750USDyear

Ensure business continuity

Dynamic migration, high availability, load balancing and other automated services, effectively guarantee application stability and continuity.


Flexible and expandable IT infrastructure for business changing and growing

Unlimited hardware expansion in datacenter, upgrading does not affect the running application, which is suitable for IT architecture changing and growing. 

Virtual machines isolated from each other to eliminate the "one server one application" model in the past.

Simplifed and easy maintenance

Rapid deploy applications: accelerate the deployment speed for new servers and applications, greatly reducing server reconstruction and application loading times. Be initiative to increase resource planning ahead so that customer demands can be rapidly responded.

Reduce maintenance time: change hardware management from a few days/weeks to 1--3 hours, you can maintain and upgrade hardware faster.

Easily build experimental environment: experimental testing applications can be installed in a virtual machine, then formally extended to the real usage, which minimizes the IT risk.

Graphical Web interface: web-based interface for configuration and management can be remotely accessed in office or at home, greatly simplify the operation and maintenance of a large number of servers.