Server Virtualization Successful Case in Hospital

Sep. 18, 2017

Project background 

With hospital information technology development, the hospital increased business applications gradually.

HIS, LIS, EMR, office automation, financial management system, asset management, decision-making systems has been widely used, increasingapplicationshadimproved healthcare quality and patient satisfaction.

At the same time the hospital is also facing serious challenges for the wide range of system deployment, and maintenance. 

Currentlythe hospitalhas more than 36 internal applicationsinstalled instand-alone servers, which caused server resources is not enough in peak period, but difficult to expand applications in redundant server resources in idle hours.



1. Datacenter needs easy expansion, high availability, unified managementfor all hardware and software.

2. Solve the compatible problem of multi applications running on one hardware server to solve business interruption caused by applicationscrash.

3. Migrate the HIS, LIS, EMR, portals, office automation, financial management systems, asset management, decision-making systems etc. 36 systems to IaaS platform which achieveslive migration to ensure no business interruption.

4. Be convenient for rapid applicationdeployment to avoid continuous hardwarepurchasing.

5. Support disaster recovery for the IT infrastructure delivery.

6. Build backup management system to meet the demand of data security in hospital.

7. Reduce costs, improve efficiency, energy savingto meet the hospital’s management requirements.

8. IT infrastructure meets next 2 to 3 years’application deployment requirements inhospital.


Using the new purchased 4 high-performance X86 physical servers and OS-easy vServer to install IaaS platformtorunthe hospital’score business systems.

Business systems: HIS, Outpatient Registration, Outpatient Charges, Emergency Registration, Emergency Room Charges, Medical Card Management System, Medicine Library Management System, Hospital Management Fees, Hospital Doctor Management, Medical systems, Detection LIS System, Hospital Doctors, Outpatient Doctors, Formulation Management, Personnel and Payroll, Materials Management, Equipment and Fixed Asset Management, Case Management, Medical Statistics, Decision Support, Office Automation, Insurance Office Management, Rational Drug Use, etc.

OS-Easy vServerpresentsserversas "Resource pool", makes the application notinstalledin a single physical server, and achieves live migration, high availability in the whole resource pool.

At the same time, realize dynamic resource (VM) allocation and load balance by scheduled tasks.

Itcan makemultiple virtual machines to run one applications (such as: Registration Management, Drug Management, Fee Management, etc.) to solve high utilization from 8:00 to 11:00 am.